Project Lilo | Sábado de Fiesta at Samba
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Sábado de Fiesta at Samba

from left: Aliza Apostol, Leona Panutat, Sheila Catilo, Marie Faith and Eleanor Teo.

Looking for a place to have brunch with your girlfriends? Sabado de Fiesta at Samba, Shangri-la the Fort just might be the perfect spot! Last May 26, we, along with some of our favorite mamas were invited to sample Samba’s delicious Peruvian fare while sipping on cocktails and lounging pool side.

Read on to learn more about our inspiring guests and our picks for must-try dishes!

We made sure to invite ladies who inspire us with their amazing accomplishments yet know how to kick back, relax and have a good time.

Meet the Mamas:

Eleanor Lee-Teo. Superwoman author of “Raising Heirs: Of the Spoiled and Entitled Second Generation– and we’re still your only hope.” (Now available at National Bookstore!) and mama to Eloise and Ramsay

Marie Field-Faith. Pottly N Tubby’s Head Honcho, 1/4th of Life And South and Mama to Sophie, William and Isla.

Aliza Apostol. Boss Mama of Must Love Finds, 1/3 of Style Trio and Mama to Zach, Luccia and Rocio.

The Fare:

With cocktails in hand, we were promptly lead to the the buffet area to get started on our Peruvian feast.

We started our meal with freshly made cevivche at the Ceviche y Titaditos Bar. Take your pick from the catch of the day as well as salmon, scallops, or prawns.

Samba’s ceviche is seriously the stuff dreams are made of.

Next up Arroz con Mariscos. A meal in itself. Imagine tucking into a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice mixed with a delicious seafood broth and topped with grated parmesan cheese. Absolutely amazing.

Samba’s Arroz con Mariscos

Another favorite was the Smoked Brisket Asado on a soft steam bun. Rich, tender, melt in your mouth shredded pork on the fluffiest bun. Sooo good! We finished ours in 3 bites.

Absolute must-try- Samba’s Smoke Brisket Asado.

We then ended our meal with an assortment of sweet treats. Each one of us were given our own little platter with a sampling of all the desserts.

Samba’s sweet endings: Fruit Mosaic, Suspiro A La Limeña, Bienmesabe de Guanabana and Buñuelos.

Thank you Samba at Shangri-la The Fort for a lovely afternoon! It was the perfect way to kickstart our weekend!

Sabado de Fiesta is happening once again this Saturday, June 30! To make reservations, you may call (632)820-0888 or email


Photos by: Sheila Catilo

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