Project Lilo | Salon Day with Piandre
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Salon Day with Piandre


A couple of months back, we were invited by Piandre Salon through our friends at Mommy Mundo to try out the latest trend in hair color, a process called Seamless Balayage. Together with Lakme, their Barcelona based hair color partner, Piandre promised to deliver fresh and natural looking color that was most importantly, very low maintenance. As a self-confessed #NoSuklay club members, we were extremely intrigued to learn more and see exactly what they meant by “low maintenance”. So last week, we booked our appointments and made our way to Piandre at UP Town Center.

Piandre Salon at UP Town Center is spacious and light filled. Its also one of the most popular branches. Make sure to book at least a week ahead as weekend slots are usually filled up.

We were greeted by our senior stylists Ms. Gina and Ms. Thess and were immediately brought to the VIP area where they explained the whole process and made their suggestions as to what color we should go with.


My hair is naturally black which I’ve left uncolored for years. I am the laziest person when it comes to hair maintenance. As  mentioned earlier, I hardly ever brush my hair. So for me to set aside time every so often to have my roots colored? Not going to happen. I discussed this with Ms. Gina and I also shared with her my concern about wanting the color to be as natural looking as possible, no drastic changes. She assured me that despite looking super light on the chart, Shade no. 761 will  be toned down because of my dark hair. That put me at ease, and after that I let her do her magic.

Ms. Gina of Piandre gives an assessment of my hair, as well as preps me about the whole Seamless Balayage process.

Ms. Gina showing us the Lakme color chart. She suggested I go with shade No. 761 which is an Ash + Chestnut combo. P.S. we asked her for the most universally flattering hair color and she recommended Ash!

Lion hair vibes. Seamless Bayalage is suppose to look like super fine highlights. Ms. Gina painstakingly painted my hair in tiny sections, only a  few strands at a time.


I’ve always struggled with having thin, limp hair and it used to take a lot of effort for me to give my hair body, texture and depth. This is the reason why I have it permed every 6-8 months for the past couple of years. Sometimes I get it colored too, but I’m always scared of going too light because of how thin my hair is. According to my stylist, Ms. Thess, this treatment will help me achieve the depth that I like without having to go too light because of how seamlessly the highlights would blend with my existing color.


Senior Stylist Ms. Thess was assigned to color my hair. She suggested I use toner No. 761 as well. 

Coffee or tea on the house. Love their personalized cups!

Ms. Thess carefully separating strands to make the highlights look as organic and natural as possible.

The process in a nutshell:

Lakme’s K Blonde mixed with iPlex 1 was used to bleach our hair.  iPlex technology  helps prevent damaged due to bleaching. Once the hair has reached the desired lightness, toners were applied to achieve the desired look.

With Bayalage, the color gets progressively lighter at the end and not at the root. The grow out is less obvious hence making this coloring technique a lot more low maintenance compared to traditional highlights. In fact, Piandre says that you can go up to 4-6 months without touch ups.

Before and Afters:

Junior Stylist Jay suggested the following products to help care for our hair. From left: Lame Gentle Balance Shampoo, Lakme Colorstay Conditioner and Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner. All available at Piandre Salon.

The whole process took about 4 hours, so be sure to enter the salon with a full stomach. Total cost is around Php 9,250 each. And a retouch with toner will cost around Php 2,000.


The dream team from left: Maria, Ms. Gina, Ms. Thess and Jay of Piandre UP Town Center.

Thank you Piandre Salon! Both of us are thrilled with the results and can’t wait to see how it’ll look as our hair grows.

To book an appointment with Piandre UP Town Center you may contact them at (02) 929-5273, (02) 930-9572 or 09985607428.

Day Off Schedule:

Ms. Gina: Sunday and Thursday

Ms. Thess: Tuesday and Wednesday

Jay: Wednesday and Thursday

Maria: Tuesday and Wednesday


Photos by: Sheila Catilo

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