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Project Lilo Launch

Last Saturday, October 14, we launched Project Lilo or Life, Love and Little Ones to our dear friends and family. This passion project started out with a simple idea of featuring mothers we look up to and sharing their take on motherhood, marriage and living their best life possible. We are so grateful to our Mama Muses for being open and candid about their triumphs, doubts, struggles, joys and frustrations in this roller coaster ride that we call motherhood. What we took away from the interviews were not just a plethora of life lessons, but also a recurring theme in each and every subject— We are all just trying to do our best for ourselves and our families and no one has got their sh*t together all the time. There is no perfect mother just as there is no perfect child. Yet we can learn a thing or two from one another if we just stop to talk and listen. Being a mother is challenging but if we surround ourselves with like minded ladies who cheer us on and have our backs then it makes the journey a lot more fun. Like they say, “Ain’t no ‘hood like motherhood.”

Our beautiful Mama Muses, Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon, Meryll Soriano, Amber Smith-Folkman, Cat Juan-Ledesma and Michelle Ressa-Aventajado. Portaits printed by Strawberry Jam Creatives.

To celebrate the website and our amazing subjects we teamed up with  Paper Moon Café Uptown who graciously hosted an intimate gathering for us and served delicious snacks and treated each guest to their melt-in-your mouth cheese tarts.

A portion of Paper Moon Cafe’s wide array of delicious cakes and pastries.

Joana Gube of Heyjow, eyeing Paper Moon Cafe’s delectable desserts.

Chal Lontoc-del Rosario shares a few words about Paper Moon Cafe.

Upon entering the cafe, each guest was gifted with bags filled with signature products from our generous friends at Chicify, Girl Stuff Forever, Happy Skin, The Little Whisk, One Earth Organics and Niqua.

Each of our guests went home with goodies from Niqua, Soleil et Lune c/o Chicify, Girl Stuff, Happy Skin, The Little Whisk and One Earth Organics.

Chicify’s pocket tape measure and Soleil Et Lune’s samplers are perfect additions to any bag. Chicify also raffled off a 2,500 GC to one of our luck ladies.

Niqua our go-to for buttery soft leather bags, gifted our guests with these handy leather cord rolls.

Girl Stuff  Forever gave out bottles of nail polish in Project Lilo’s signature colors.One lucky guest also went home with a set from Girl Stuff’s latest collaboration with Mama Muse Agoo the Solique x Agoo Gel Polish Collection.

All the ladies went home with Happy Skin’s best selling Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse which also happens to be a staple in Team Project Lilo’s makeup bag!

The wonderful Maggie Agustin of The Little whisk whipped out these beautiful Project Lilo cookies for everyone to enjoy.

Cult fave, and Beauty Bar best-seller, One Earth Organics gave out their signature soaps.

We began the launch by introducing ourselves and sharing our OMG, I can’t believe it happened to me mom moments. There were several gasps and understanding nods but mostly a lot of laughter from our embarrassing little encounters. Not only did the exercise build camaraderie among everyone present but it also further solidified the fact that we moms all go through our own humbling parenting experiences.

Cecille Abella showing the guests her OMG mom moment which involved her daughter’s shaved eyebrow.

Char Panutat-Carlos of The Inspiration Seekers shares her moment, her toddler walking right into a glass door while holding her hand.

Lucien Lao-Villarruz of Little Luli talks about the time she forgot to pack her eldest’s clothes on a family trip to Hong Kong, during winter.

Janina Gutierrez-Tan of Girl Stuff shares her own hilarious OMG story wherein her son outed her for telling white lies.

After the quick sharing round, went live! This passion project of ours took a little over a year in the making. From our very first brainstorming session on August 2016 to writing the final caption on our fifth Mama Muse. A special shout out to Jorem Catilo of The Catilos for creating the website of our dreams. It is exactly how we wanted it  and we couldn’t be happier.

Jorem helping us with the final touches before going live.

To honor our lovely Mama Muses, we presented them with their family portraits shot by Sheila and printed by Strawberry Jam Creatives. Our dear friend Joana Ballesteros-Gube of Heyjow gifted each muse with hand picked accessories from hey boho-luxe collection. To top it off, Adore Home, our go-to for chic locally produced home accessories also gave them beautiful woven placemats, napkins and hand towels.

Happy tears! Presenting Mama Muse Michelle Ressa-Aventajado’s family portrait shot by Sheila Catilo. Thank you Strawberry Jam Creatives for the beautiful prints!

Such and honor to have Michelle Ressa-Aventajado of Momma N’ Manila as one of our Mama Muses.

Our fave Amber Smith-Folkman’s lovely family portait.

We cannot fully stress how much we adore this lady right here.

Our gorgeous and hilarious Mama Muse Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon’s portrait with her two boys.

With our stunning Mama Muse Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon.

Bright and colorful handwoven goods from Adore Home.

The gift giving did not end their as we wanted each and every guest to go home with pieces from brands that we truly love.

Audrey Dimarucot of Googoo and Gaga went home with Lettergram PH’s latest felt board.

Our lovely guests Stella Pastores, Christine Santico and Yeyette Laviña (L’s mama) each received books from OMF Literature.

Blooming and expecting mama Patty Laurel went home with a gift from the fab duo behind Pearl Clothing and Coral Swimwear Margaux Alampay and Patricia Gonzalez. Amber with her the much coveted Tangkulo from Kaayo.

Cecille took home an original Christina del Mundo watercolor piece.

Em Sulit received a special gift from Joana of Heyjow.

Vera Juan received a gorgeous leather satchel from Niqua‘s Bunnie de Guzman.

Last but not least, Patricia Gonzalez of Pearl Clothing and Coral Swim wear took home a diamond pendant necklace from Joyeria Jewellery.

Sheila with her two adorable daughters Sky and River

Maggie Agustin of The Little Whisk and Sheila.

With the best support group any team could as for. from left: Joana Gube of Heyjow, Tyfannie Short of One Earth Organics, Em Sulit of Gamechanger PH, Leona, Lucien Villarruz of Little Luli and Sheila

With Leona’s BFFs from school Christine Santico and Cecille Abella.

With Sheila’s childhood BFFs Stella Pastores and Patty Laurel-Filart.

Leona with her husband Wesley, sons Wyatt and Walt and mom Yeyette.

Always boomie ready! From L-R: Dara David-Roa, Amber Smith-Folman, Joana Ballesteros-Gube, Leona, Sheila, Lucien Lao-Villarruz, Tyffanie Short and Chal Lontoc-del Rosario.

Team Juan-Catilo in full force. L-R: Vera Juan, Christina Juan-del Mundo, Jorem Catilo, Sheila and Stef Juan.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all of our Muses, family and friends for joining us. Your support means the world to us ad we couldn’t have done it without you. To our wonderful sponsors, a massive thank you for your generosity. Our launch was made extra special because of you!

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