Project Lilo | Happy Mother’s Day, Sheila.
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Happy Mother’s Day, Sheila.


I think its only fitting that on Mother’s Day, we shine the spotlight on my Project Lilo partner-in-crime, photographer extraordinaire and all around super woman, Sheila. As one of the women I talk to almost every single day, I know how she is as a friend and as a mother. Our little chat group covers topics as random as ball pen hunting (hey Joana!) fashion advice and possible collaborations to mom fails and frustrations. Throughout it all, she has been nothing but attentive, supportive and open. There are no judgements in this group, only acceptance. But that isn’t what this post is about. Sheila already knows all of that. Heck, we pretty much shout our support for each other from the rooftops. This little post right here is a special little tribute to her from her real  partner-in-crime, Jorem.

L: Ok, spill it! What was your reaction when you saw Sheila for the first time?

J: The first time we met was a bit awkward. She was with my friend who at that time liked her. Haha!
L: When did you know that she was the one?
J: We knew from day one that we were kindred spirits. Baduy na kung baduy but we literally finished each other’s sentences. We’re so alike down to mannerisms and expressions. As my friend from question number one said, I’m the guy version of Sheila.
L: How is Sheila as a wife?
J: She’s the best partner I could have ever asked for. She’s my number one supporter and critic.
L: How did your marriage change when you had children?
J: Our relationship became more mature when we had children. Sleepness nights during the baby phase will really put you over the edge but those kinds of situations really reaffirmed our love for one another.

L: How is Sheila as a mom?
She’s not your conventional mom. She can be flooded with work but still have enough quality time with the kids. She also has this uncanny ability to remember the smallest details about our daughters. She really knows them by heart.
Does sheila have a super power? What is it?
J: She can do it all! From instant kiddie parties to DIY crafts. Her creativity is so effortless. She thrives under pressure and can easily pull an overnighter just to finish her projects. Creativity fuels her. That’s her strongest love language.
L: What do you admire most about Sheila?
J: She’s the kind of woman who’s comfortable scouring the alleys of Divisoria and can still seamlessly fit the streets of Paris. Nothing is beneath her and yet nothing is above her.
L: Any special message for mother’s day?
J: You’re the only JUAN for me. Hahahaha!
Seriously though, I have no regrets in life because every decision I made made led me to you.
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