Project Lilo | 1 Piece, 5 Ways with Chicify’s Jules Top
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1 Piece, 5 Ways with Chicify’s Jules Top

We at Project Lilo are always on the hunt for pieces that are stylish, well-made and versatile. We believe in building our wardrobes with clothing that not only adapt to our ever changing lifestyles but also make getting dressed in the morning effortless and enjoyable. To kick off our 1 Piece, 5 ways series, we couldn’t think of a better brand to partner with than Chicify!


Chicify is all about easy, comfortable yet chic dressing. Their pieces are inspired by women they know- ladies who have careers, are moms or more often that not juggling both just like the pair behind the brand, Chin Joson and Christine Dychiao. The duo believes in creating clothing that withstand the test of time and use only the best fabrics they can get their hands on—cotton poplin, linen, twill and washed silk in styles that can take you from work day to weekend.


For our first installment, we enlisted our dear friends to help us out. These stylish mamas (yes, they might not look it but they’re all mamas!) from different backgrounds put the Jules top to the test and wore it based on their personal style. Read on to see how an interior designer, banker, entrepreneur, avp, and digital marketing expert put their own spin on Chicify’s Jules top.



Name: Ninna Del Mundo

Age: 31

Occupation: Full-time mama/ Watercolor Artist/Interior Designer

Mom to: Casey, 4 and Cece, 2

Describe your style: Comfort first! Flattering Silhouettes for the mom bod, colors that are easy on the eyes or whatever I think my husband would like to see me wear out on dates.

Where would you wear this outfit: I’d wear this outfit to one of our fancier dates, dressy event/ girls’ night out or design presentation at church.

Name: Christine Santico

Age: 35

Occupation: Banker

Mom to: Sammie, 3

Describe your style: I stay close to clean, traditional pieces so I would say my style is classic + chic. My wardrobe consists mostly of black and white tops, jeans, black pencil skirts, and LDBs, all of which should be tailored fit for flattering looks. I usually accessorize my basic pieces with statement earrings.

Where would I wear this outfit: In the office for casual Fridays. I make it a point to wear a dressy top on casual Fridays to get the relaxed but still professional look.

Name: Cecille Abella

Age: 35

Mom to: Matteo, 8 and Martina, 6

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Describe your style: Casual chic.

Where would you wear this outfit: I live in shorts, so I’d probably wear this outfit practically anywhere. This would be a typical look for me when doing my daily errands, during breakfast/brunch dates with my girlfriends or even when I’m out bonding with my family on weekends. I just love how comfortable, stylish and versatile the Jules top is.

Name: Mary Ramos

Age: 36

Mom to: Caleb, 4

Occupation: AVP Corporate Development

Describe your style: Laidback, feminine and a touch of whimsical

Where would you wear this outfit: I’d wear this outfit to the office. On the weekends I’d pair the Jules top with shorts and flats.

Name: Rhiza Oyos

Age: 34

Occupation: Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development.

Mom to: Dawn and Rain, 5 year old girl twins

Describe your style: Basic is the new extra as I’d like to say. My style has always been very basic. Not sure if I’m scared lang to try other styles but I do like the comfort of the familiar. I love that capsule wardrobes are popular now because that’s pretty much how I dress. What I lack in clothing variations I make up for in accessories! Specifically earrings. I’m crazy about them. I love how any normal outfit can easily look special with the right pair of earrings.

Where would you wear this outfit: This white top is right up my alley! Can I just say how I love how the Jules top fits me and I’m actually already thinking about buying this Jules top in its blue and gingham versions! I can see myself wearing this anywhere really. To a client meeting or lunch date with girlfriends. Its so easy to style and accessorize it depending on the occasion too so its definitely a capsule wardrobe must-have!


Photographed by: Sheila Catilo

A massive thank you to Snoe Beauty and  makeup artist James Valencia Jose for getting our mama models camera ready! They all look amazing! P.S. we grilled James about the best Snoe Beauty products and we’re sharing them with you guys soon!

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